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Advantages of using a grounding module


The grounding module is a grounding body mainly made of non-metallic materials. It consists of non-metallic materials with low resistance and stable chemical properties and anti-corrosive metal electrodes. Its advantages are as follows:

(1) The main body of the grounding module is an anti-corrosion material, and its surface used by the metal skeleton is anti-corrosion treated metal material. Therefore, the overall grounding body has excellent corrosion resistance and a service life of more than 30 years. Can absorb moisture, keep effective contact with soil, and low ground resistance.

(2) The main material of the grounding module is similar to the physical structure of the soil, and can be integrated with the soil. The effective contact area between the grounding body and the soil is many times larger than that of the metal grounding body, which increases the effective diverted area of ​​the grounding body and greatly reduces the contact resistance between the grounding body and the soil. Therefore, the grounding efficiency can be significantly improved and the ground network occupation can be reduced. Land area.

(3) The non-metallic material of the grounding module makes a relatively low-resistance area between the metal and the soil with a large resistivity difference. When a large current impacts, it can reduce the transient potential gradient of the grounding body and the grounding line, and reduce the Step voltage and contact voltage reduce the probability of ground potential counterattack.

(4) The grounding module itself has a strong moisture absorption and moisturizing ability, so that the soil around it is kept moist to ensure that the grounding module effectively performs its conductive function; at the same time, the conductive characteristics of the conductive objects in the grounding body are not subject to seasonal changes such as dry humidity, high and low temperature, etc. Impact. Therefore, it can provide stable ground resistance.