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As one of the important supporting industries for national economic constructio


As one of the important supporting industries for national economic construction, the wire and cable industry is widely used in the fields of power grid, energy transportation, information and communication, railway construction, ship and ship, aviation metallurgy, etc. It is to transport electric energy, transmit information and manufacture various motors. Instruments and meters, the basic equipment that is indispensable for electromagnetic energy conversion.

As the second largest industry in China after the automobile industry, the wire and cable industry has huge market space. After the reform and opening up, the huge productivity of China's cable manufacturing industry has made the world look impressive. China's wire and cable has also become the world's largest cable producer. “Promoting the implementation of 'Made in China 2025'”, emphasizing the intelligent industrial robot project, strengthening the construction of smart grid, promoting the development of urbanization, the expansion and renovation of renewable energy grid-connected power generation and urban rail transit and other infrastructure will also stimulate Cable demand is growing again.

Along with the rapid development of China's wire and cable industry, the number of new enterprises is also rising, and the overall technical level of the industry has been greatly improved. At present, domestically produced cables can completely replace imported cables. Let you spend less money to buy satisfactory high-quality products, and bring more profits to your business.