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Copper clad steel strands can be transmitted as network signals and TV signals


Copper clad steel strands can be transmitted as network signals and TV signals. The transmission rate is very fast. Any product needs good maintenance. If the copper clad steel strands are twisted, the inner or outer layer is broken, and the strand surface is scratched. If there is brittleness, arching, inclusions, etc., there will be stranded scrap, so pay attention.

What is over-torsion? Over-torsion means that the twisting of the copper-clad steel is excessively twisted. The reason is as follows: First, the number of turns of the copper clad steel strand on the traction wheel is not enough, generally less than 4 turns, the friction is too small and slips, causing excessive twisting. The second is that the tension is loose or the take-up reel does not turn, and the swivel is still rotating, causing excessive twisting.

Solution: If the outer single line has been severely deformed, the damage is serious, there is no possibility of repair, only the cut. If the single wire is not seriously damaged, separate the rotating part of the device from the pulling part, turn it in the opposite direction of the twisting, retract the partial twisting part, fix the core by hand, and then wrap the excess single wire. On the take-up reel, pull the equipment and the swivel into one. After the loose over-pressing die, press the wire firmly and manually repair it with the mold, so that the machine can be restarted. I believe everyone knows after reading the article.