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Fix the bearing plate on the pre-embedded anchor bolt


Fix the bearing plate on the pre-embedded anchor bolt, weld a rib, then raise the lightning rod, straighten it, find it, and then spot weld, then correct it and weld the other three dams. Finally, the down conductor is welded to the bottom plate to remove the anti-rust paint from the coating.

The angle steel bracket should have a dovetail, the depth of its embedded depth is not less than 100mm, and the buried depth of the flat steel and round steel bracket is not less than 80mm. All brackets must be strong, the mortar is full, and the horizontal and vertical. The top of each bracket of the lightning protection device should generally be 100mm away from the surface of the building; the top of the grounding trunk bracket should be 20mm away from the wall. The horizontal spacing of the bracket is not more than 1m (the concrete support is not more than 2m); the vertical spacing is not more than 1.5m. The spacing should be uniform and the tolerance is 30mm. The brackets on both sides of the corner are not more than 250mm from the center of the corner. The bracket should be straight. The permissible deviation of 3/1000 for each 2m inspection section and 2/1000 for every 3m inspection section of verticality; but the total length deviation shall not exceed 10mm.

Iron parts such as brackets should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. All cement mortars embedded in the bracket shall have a mixing ratio of not less than 1:2. Bracket installation should be carried out as much as possible with the structure to pre-embed the bracket or iron. According to the design requirements, the elastic line and binning positioning. Hammer with a hand. The scorpion is culled, and the size of the hole should be the same. First, embed a bracket on both ends of a straight line, and then use a wire to pull a straight line to embed other brackets. The water in the cave should be wetted before being buried. If concrete supports are used, the concrete supports are placed in a split position. First pull the straight line between the brackets at both ends, then level the other supports with mortar. If the parapet wall is reserved with pre-embedded iron parts, the bracket can be directly welded to the iron piece, and the straightening method of the bracket is the same as before.