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How important is the lightning protection grounding system


How important is the lightning protection grounding system

Grounding is the most important part of lightning protection technology. Whether it is direct lightning, induced lightning, or other forms of lightning, it ultimately sends lightning current into the earth. Therefore, lightning protection cannot be reliably prevented without grounding rod a reasonable and good grounding device. The smaller the grounding resistance, the faster the dissipation, the shorter the holding time of the high potential of the object struck by lightning, and the less dangerous. The grounding resistance of the computer site is required to be ≤ 4 ohms, and a common grounding method is adopted to unify lightning protection grounding, electrical safety grounding, AC grounding, and DC grounding into one grounding device. If there are special requirements to set up an independent ground, it should be connected between the two grids with a ground pole protector. In this way, the two ground grids are usually independent to prevent interference. When the lightning current comes, the two ground grids will be protected by the ground pole. The device is connected instantly, forming an equipotential connection.

An important aspect of lightning protection engineering is the grounding and wiring engineering of the lead-down line. The lightning protection effect of the entire project and even whether the lightning protection devices work depends on this, so serious and systematic research should be done. The grounding of power and electronic equipment is a necessary measure to ensure the safety of equipment, the safety of operators and the normal operation of equipment. It can be considered that all instruments and equipment connected to the power grid should be grounded; wherever electricity needs to be reached, the grounding project needs to be done, so that the human body can avoid the risk of electric shock.

In order to allow the lightning surge current to leak into the earth and protect the protected objects from the hazards of surge overvoltage and overcurrent such as direct lightning or induced lightning, all non-charged metal parts of buildings, electrical equipment, lines, networks, etc., metal protection Sets, lightning arresters, and all water and gas pipelines should be metal connected with lightning protection grounding devices. Lightning protection grounding devices include lightning rods, belts, wires, nets, grounding down conductors, grounding lead-in wires, grounding collection wires, grounding bodies, etc. In order to prevent counterattacks, the previous lightning protection specifications put forward a set of restrictions on the lightning protection grounding and other grounding, that is, stipulating the shortest distance between the two types of grounding bodies and the grounding wire. In some cases, when the spacing cannot be extended to the specified value, strict insulation measures must be adopted.