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How to repair the aging ground wire


Now every family has the layout of grounding wire in order to avoid the harm of electricity to human body in daily use. But in the process of using electricity, we still need to pay attention to the problem of whether the ground wire will age. After all, the goods always have their service life, beyond the service life, the safety will be greatly reduced. For this, we will introduce the aging problem of the ground wire to you.

No matter the result, in the maintenance of any power related state, it must be in the state of power failure.

Basic knowledge: wire aging generally refers to the aging of insulation layer, and the aging problem of metal wire core rarely occurs. From the perspective of the first line, we need to test from two aspects: first, visual perception or hand detection. The seriously aged wire insulation layer will become hard and crack and fall off. The more serious the aging of the wire is, the more obvious the phenomenon is. When the rubber insulation layer is removed, the rubber insulation layer and the metal core are adhered, which is not clean; Of course, if the metal core is overhauled (generally copper core is OK, aluminum core should pay more attention to the fatigue state), it can be folded several times repeatedly and there will be cracks or even disconnection, which can be compared with new aluminum wire.

With the aid of tool detection, it is good to use an electrician's knife at the joint to see whether the incision is flat and smooth. Otherwise, the more serious the aging is, the harder the cutting is, and the worse the cut surface is. Use a 500V megger to connect one end to the wire insulation layer and the other end to the ground. Resistance of insulation layer of shaking wire to ground, normal value ≥ 0.5m Ω. The minimum insulation resistance shall be ≥ 0.22m Ω in dry environment and ≥ 0.1M Ω in rainy and humid environment. As long as it is less than these two values, it can be judged as serious aging and must be replaced.

In case of line aging, it is recommended to find a professional team to rectify the line.

There is a great danger in the aging of grounding wire, which needs comprehensive consideration and further maintenance. If it is a building to rectify the line, there will be many problems involved. First, check the aging degree of the line, and at the same time check whether the maintenance line is clean and orderly. Second, consider the floor, distribution room and other issues. The aging of the line is not a small problem; How much power the existing line can bear and how much power the equipment can support (such as home appliances, computers, etc.) need to be considered as a whole.

Whether it is maintenance or rectification, the first is safety.