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Is there a need to install lightning rods for rural houses


Is there a need to install lightning rods for rural houses?

In thunderstorm weather, there will be charged clouds over the high-rise buildings. When the positive and negative ions in the clouds meet, a huge current and lightning will be generated. At this time, if a lightning rod is installed on the top of the high-rise building, the huge current will flow smoothly. Lead the ground wire down to the grounding body to avoid lightning strikes.

I think that in the construction of houses in rural areas, the installation of lightning rods should be determined according to the different regions and the height of the floor. There are no standards that should be decided on a case-by-case basis. When I was in school, the teacher told us not to take shelter from the rain under the big trees during thunderstorms to prevent being struck by lightning. At that time, I did n’t know what the reason was. I only knew what the teacher ’s teacher said was right. The house will not exceed some trees. The highest house will not exceed 10 meters. Now it is different. Houses built by some people in the countryside now have five or six floors and are nearly 20 meters high. Therefore, at this time, I think that a lightning rod should be installed to avoid property damage and even casualties caused by the house being hit by lightning. If the house is not built too high and does not exceed the surrounding trees, you do not need to install a lightning rod.

If it is a mountainous area, I recommend installing a lightning rod, because the mountainous climate changes, and some people live in high mountains, and some live on the mountainside. Everyone knows that many forest fires in mountainous areas are caused by lightning. When living in a mountainous area, you should install a lightning rod to prevent it in advance, because a lightning rod can be used for many years.

In summary, the installation of lightning rods must be based on the environment in which they live. There must be no chance of luck, because the damage caused by lightning strikes is huge, and once they occur, you will regret it.