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LED display lightning protection measures


A lightning arrester is added to the signal line for the lightning current induced on the signal line. The signal lightning arrester depends on the signal interface of the system. If it is a network cable, install a network signal lightning arrester, and the serial interface installs a DB9 interface lightning protection device. The cross-sectional area of ​​the grounding wire should not be less than 1.5mm square.

For the lightning current induced on the power line, install a single-phase or three-phase power supply lightning arrester on the power line. The cross-sectional area of ​​the link line of the phase line shall not be less than 10 mm square, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the connection ground line shall not be less than 16 mm square.

For the counterattack of the steel structure, connect the steel structure to the outer casing of the LED display, do the equipotential, and do the grounding. The grounding resistance is generally less than 10 ohms. If the resistance does not meet the requirements, additional labor is required. Grounding grid. The lightning arrester should also be grounded.

For the protection of direct lightning, the lightning rod is installed on the support structure of the LED display (outdoor), the indoor LED display or the LED display with tall buildings next to it, you can not install the lightning rod.

Direct lightning protection: open area, no tall buildings around, prove that your pole is located in the LPZOA area, vulnerable to direct lightning. Therefore, it is necessary to add a lightning rod, and the height of the lightning rod is calculated by the rolling ball method. If it is too troublesome, the previous 45-degree line method (centered on the lightning-proof tip, the 45-degree angle cover is in the protected range) can also be used, but the accuracy is not so high.

Lightning protection grounding net: When the lightning rod is installed, it is necessary to make a simple drainage channel for lightning. It is usually more economical to use a flat steel connection with angled steel.

Surge protection measures: Since there are optical transceivers and video servers in the distribution box, their power supply must be guaranteed, so design a lightning protection socket for power supply protection at their power supply. In addition, the signal lines that are introduced into the power box should be equipped with lightning arresters with matching voltage and interface. The fiber end is not installed, because the fiber is insulated and the device is not affected by the inductive lightning. However, the fiber core must be grounded nearby to avoid electrostatic induction and lightning heat damage.