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Lightning protection is also known as "lightning protection".


Lightning protection is also known as "lightning protection".
Lightning protection: A device used to guard against damage caused by lightning strikes. Generally, there are lightning rods, lightning protection lines, lightning protection belts, and lightning protection nets.
Common direct lightning protection measures:
Lightning rods are used to protect industrial and civil high-rise buildings, as well as power distribution units of power plants, transformer stations, and individual sections of transmission lines. During the extension of the lightning pilot circuit to the ground, due to the influence of the lightning rod distortion circuit, it will gradually turn and Hit the lightning rod, thereby avoiding the possibility of lightning leading to the protected equipment and destroying the protected equipment and buildings. It can be seen that the lightning rod is actually a lightning rod, which leads lightning to itself, thereby protecting other equipment from lightning strikes.
The lightning protection line is also called the overhead ground line. It is a metal wire that is placed along the line at the top of the tower and has good grounding. The lightning protection line is the main lightning protection measure for the transmission line.
Metal grids placed on buildings such as corners, ridges, corners and eaves that are vulnerable to lightning strikes are mainly used to protect tall civil buildings.