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Lightning protection on construction sites


Lightning protection on construction sites. Lightning can produce impulse voltages ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of volts. The construction site of high-rise buildings is highly vulnerable to lightning strikes due to the surrounding cranes, derricks, gantry frames, scaffolding, and lightning protection.

Electrical equipment such as distribution boxes and electrical components and cables purchased and used at the construction site must be registered and filed by the national 3C certification and provincial construction industrial products, and no unqualified products may be used. The installation of electromechanical equipment must be accepted before it can be used.

The distribution line must be erected in accordance with the technical specifications for temporary power consumption at the construction site.

Electric machinery and hand-held power tools should be equipped with leakage protection devices. All motor tools and cables must be inspected regularly to ensure good insulation. Wear insulated shoes and insulated gloves when using the motor.