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Nowadays, various household appliances have become


Nowadays, various household appliances have become the main load of household appliances and electricity. Among them, household appliances with metal casings such as air conditioners, rice cookers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, earth wire and washing machines need to have reliable grounding wires. Otherwise, in the event of a failure, the enclosure will be charged and cause an accident. With a good grounding wire, it can be used for safe use and protection against accidents. Therefore, please do not ignore the role and installation of the grounding wire.

Especially for high-power electrical appliances, from the perspective of safety, high-power electrical appliances must have grounding wires. You can pay attention to it. Many high-power electrical appliances are three-pin plugs. The left and right sides are hot and neutral, and the middle is used for grounding. In general, warm-colored lines (red, orange, yellow, etc.) are hot lines, and cold-colored lines (black, brown, blue, etc.) are zero lines, and yellow-green lines are ground lines.

When the electrical appliance fails, the conductive parts in the electrical appliance may have dangerous voltage. Once the person touches it, an electric shock accident may occur. The grounding wire of the three-hole socket of the freezer can protect against leakage and conduct electricity to the ground.

If there is no grounding electrical appliance, it will leak and the service life will be shortened. Especially when the weather is dry, the surface of the appliance is not easily released due to prolonged release, and it is easy to generate static electricity. When the amount of static electricity is large, it is easy to spark, which may cause a fire. Many people think that there is no big impact on the grounding line, so don't hold the luck!