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People with a little common sense know that the ground wire


People with a little common sense know that the ground wire is very important for the safety of electricity. When there is a problem with the electrical insulation of the electrical appliance, the grounded ground wire can prevent the metal casing from being charged and avoid electric shock.

However, since grounding is not a necessary condition for power transmission, many people do not use electricity. This is like the picture below, which is self-deception.

Electric vehicle charging is a high current transmission, and safety is more important. Now, when many electric vehicles are shipped from the factory, manufacturers will distribute portable chargers with the car. In accordance with the requirements of national standards, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle charging process, the portable charger should be used normally and must be connected to a normal grounding socket.

However, because of this requirement, many users cannot use the factory with a portable charger. In order to solve such problems, a pseudo grounding product emerged in the market, called "grounding treasure."

"Grounding treasure" can realize virtual grounding, defrauding the grounding detection of vehicles and portable chargers, and charging. Because this is a demanding product, the purchasing power is great.