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Popularizing lightning protection knowledge has a long way to go


Popularizing lightning protection knowledge has a long way to go.
Lightning protection measures include direct lightning protection and inductive lightning protection. The first part of the lightning protection system, direct lightning protection is to prevent lightning from directly hitting buildings, structures, electrical networks or electrical installations. Many units of this business will be constructed together with the construction of the building when the building is constructed. The small items are no longer tenderly tendered, and this part of the business left to the mine protection company is gradually shrinking.

The main purpose of the protective measures for inductive lightning is to protect the safety of personnel and various electrical equipment in the building. "This part of the business has been done before, but since last year, we have put more energy on this." Zhang Yunguo said that the protection of the power system in the inductive lightning protection measures is relatively low on the technical requirements. However, in the field of automation control, the protection standards for various equipments and lines are much higher, and the construction standards for lightning protection devices are correspondingly much higher. "I am a computer professional. I have learned a lot of relevant knowledge and cases after I started the company. I slowly learned the industry's 'top' technology." Zhang Yunguo said that in the future he will be in lightning protection. In a small item, the subdivisions that you are good at are refined and penetrated.