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Properties of copper-clad steel ground rods


Speaking of ground rods for lightning protection, everyone still has a certain degree of recognition. When it comes to products in the field of lightning protection, copper-clad steel ground rods are essential. Then let's take a look at copper-clad steel. What are the properties of the ground rod?

I. Copper-clad steel ground rod products have a strong copper layer and strong corrosion resistance.

The copper layer bent 180 degrees will not crack or peel. The ground rods have strong corrosion resistance. Because the steel used has a tensile strength of up to 60ON / mmZ, they can reach the depth of the ground (depth up to 35m) by means of an impact drill. The ground rod is made of 99.9% electrolytic Copper molecules are made by covering a steel core.

2. The copper-clad steel ground rod is made of high-quality Q235 low-carbon steel.

After the large-diameter cold-drawing process, it overcomes the defect of poor binding force of the casing coating method, enhances the tensile strength, and maintains toughness. It is plated with 99.9% pure copper, and the thickness of the copper layer is 0.250mm, 0.smm , 1.omm, etc. are available for customers to choose. The product has passed the 1509001: 2000 quality system certification to ensure that all parameters meet the requirements.

Three, copper coating thickness is guaranteed

It can be measured at each point with an electronic thickness micrometer at a specified number of times, and the thickness must be at least 0.250mm. This thickness guarantees that the bottom of the thread made after copper plating is completely covered by copper. The thickness of the copper plating of the ground rod is 0.250mm, which guarantees that it can be used underground for 30 years.