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Protection principle of lightning protection device


Protection principle of lightning protection device

The damage caused by lightning and other strong interference to the communication system and the consequent consequences are serious. Lightning protection, lightning protection products and lightning protection will become necessary. Lightning is lightning protection composed of high-energy low-frequency components and highly permeable high-frequency components. It mainly passes through two forms, which are said to directly conduct lightning-induced damage devices through metal pipelines or ground wires. Next, I will explain it to you by Shenzhen Omray Shield.

It is said that the lightning electromagnetic pulse of the lightning passage and the discharge passage senses the metal pipeline or the ground line to generate a surge damage device in various coupling manners. Most of the lightning damage is caused by this inductive lightning. The main purpose of the lightning arrester is to prevent transient surges caused by such induced lightning. For electronic information equipment, the hazard mainly comes from the coupling energy of the lightning electromagnetic pulse caused by lightning, and the transient surge generated by the following three channels.


Metal pipeline channels, such as water pipes, power lines, antenna feeders, signal lines, aviation obstacle light leads and other surges; ground channels, ground power counterattack; space channels, electromagnetic energy of the electromagnetic group. The surge of the metal pipeline channel and the ground potential counterattack of the ground channel are the main causes of the damage of the electronic information system. The most obvious damage mode is the lightning damage caused by the wind line, because it needs to be used as the force point for anti-expansion. . Because lightning can invade the electronic information system without any holes, lightning arresters, lightning protection products and lightning protection will be a system work. The core form of lightning protection is bleed and equalization.