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Real-time grounding monitoring is actually for the monitoring of resistance


Real-time grounding monitoring is actually for the monitoring of resistance. Today, Xiaobian introduces the resistance requirements of the grounding system for real-time monitoring. Grounding provides a release path that reduces static buildup while maintaining the same potential for the various conductive and dissipative items that are connected together to avoid electrostatic discharge due to potential potential differences.

The impedance from the socket (the power socket used to establish the grounding of the AC equipment) to the grounding bar of the AC equipment of the main power supply room should be less than 1Ω;

If an auxiliary (ESD) grounding system is also present, the resistance between the AC equipment ground and the auxiliary ground should be less than 25Ω.

These groundings are regularly tested to ensure reliable electrical function. If the working area involved is large and all is performed manually, the workload is relatively large and may affect production. At this point we can consider using a grounded real-time monitor for control.