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Signal lightning protection device


Signal lightning protection device, as a signal line surge protector to prevent lightning from intruding into the equipment, there are many types. Customers should pay attention to where they use when choosing. Which signal lightning protection device is best to choose, if it is chosen properly, The best lightning protection will be achieved, otherwise the utility will drop significantly.

In general, signal lightning arresters can be divided into four types: network signal lightning arrester, control signal lightning arrester, antenna feeder lightning protection device, and rail type signal lightning protection device. Let us look at their characteristics separately.

The network signal lightning protection device is mainly used in a computer room, a communication machine room, a broadcasting machine room, and is used for various network interfaces, video interfaces, and audio interfaces to prevent the lightning current from invading and to protect the network equipment and fire prevention. Signal lightning arrester. According to its use, it can be divided into switches, routers, program-controlled switches, and video surveillance.

The control signal lightning arrester is mainly used for lightning protection of signal devices such as control control lines, data transmission lines, industrial control lines, fire lines and alarm lines, and communication lines and telemetry signals, and two types of control signal lightning arresters. There are two types of resistance type and inductance type. The inductor type is mainly suitable for the protection of high precision sensor lines.