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Technical characteristics of copper-clad steel ground rod


1. Unique manufacturing process: adopting the most advanced electroplating production process, no disjoint, warping or cracking occurs after bending 180 degrees.
1. The composite interface is welded at high temperature without residue, and the joint surface will not corrode;
2. The surface copper layer is thicker (average thickness is greater than 0.25mm), with strong corrosion resistance and long service life (more than 30 years), which reduces the maintenance labor
3. Better electrical performance: The excellent conductivity of the copper material on the surface layer makes its resistance value much lower than that of conventional materials.
4. Wide practicality: This product is suitable for ground construction under different conditions of soil humidity, temperature, pH value and resistivity change.
5. The connection is safe and reliable: using a special connecting pipe or using hot-melt welding, the joint is firm and stable.
6. Easy and fast installation: complete accessories and convenient installation, which can effectively improve the construction speed.
7. Improve the grounding depth: special connection transmission method can penetrate 35 meters underground to meet the requirements of low resistance value in special occasions.
8. Low construction cost: Compared with the traditional construction method that uses pure copper ground rods and ground straps, the cost is greatly reduced.