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The external lightning protection device is used for direct lightning protection


The external lightning protection device is used for direct lightning protection. It mainly consists of a lightning receptor, a down conductor and a grounding device. The lightning receptor is a conductor for intercepting lightning strikes. Generally, there are four forms of lightning rods, flashing belts, flashing lines, and flashing nets. The metal roofing and metal components of the building itself are also The natural lightning device can be used to pick up the flash, which is convenient and economical.

The down conductor is a conductor used to transmit lightning current from the lightning receptor to the grounding device. Depending on the type of equipment to be protected, the number of down conductors is different. It is divided into two, and is arranged symmetrically along the circumference of the building, and the spacing of the lower and lower wires is different according to the type of the object to be protected.

The grounding device is the sum of the grounding body and the grounding wire, used to transmit the lightning current and disperse it into the earth, that is, the lightning current is discharged into the ground. The grounding body and the grounding wire are reasonably combined and connected to form a grounding grid with uniform layout. All the connecting points must be treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust to ensure the service life of the grounding device, thus achieving good dispersion. effect.