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The ground line has the "beauty" of the safety line and the life line


The ground line has the "beauty" of the safety line and the life line. Whether it is the actual operation or the electrician theory study, the "ground line" is always the most talked about. It is conceivable that the importance of it in the line is how big. And this article, I will tell you about the role of the ground line in the family line.

The ground wire usually adopts a yellow-green two-color line, and the ground line is an abbreviation for the grounding device. The ground wire is further divided into a working ground and a safety ground. In order to prevent people from using the protective earthing caused by electric shock when using electronic devices such as home appliances and office, it is a safety grounding wire.

Household appliances need to be grounded, usually by connecting a triangular plug for grounding. For grounding, it must be reliable. Otherwise, the connected grounding wire is like a device, which not only does not play any role, but also may cause the entire home to be grounded. The electrical enclosure is energized, which increases the safety hazard of electric shock.

It has been said that the air switch circuit without leakage protection does not need to be installed with a grounding wire, which is not effective. In fact, this understanding is wrong. If there is a grounded electrical appliance in the line, when the electrical equipment leaks and the leakage current reaches the operating current value of the air switch, the air switch will automatically disconnect the power supply to form a protection.

In the case of effective grounding, even if the leakage current does not reach the value of the air switch action, when the person touches the metal case, the current flowing through the human body will be extremely small, and when the feeling is a little numb, the person can get rid of the electric shock smoothly. device. This is because the current has chosen a more fluid ground wire to flow to the ground, not the human body.