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The importance of the ground wire we have repeatedly mentioned


The importance of the ground wire we have repeatedly mentioned that the vast rural areas can still not reach the ground. However, it is better to have a greater autonomy in building a house in rural areas. You can choose to make a grounding body (the line drawn by the grounding body is the ground wire). However, the ugly words said that in the front, there are two points to note when using the self-made grounding body:

1. Can only be used by one household, and it is not allowed to share a grounding body with multiple households.

2. The grounding resistance is unstable and can be used as a ground wire, but must not be connected to the lightning protection device.

Below I will elaborate on how to make the grounding body.

The first step: buy materials

Hot-dip galvanized angle steel (40*40*4 size) 3 pieces, each 1.5 meters; hot-dip galvanized flat steel (40*4) 1 piece, 6 meters; 1.5 square millimeters of armored wires (the length is slightly larger than the grounding body) Point to the distance inside the house); coarse salt 10~20 kg.

Additional welding tools (welding gun, solder), earthmoving tools (tape, shovel), wiring tools (pliers, screwdrivers).

The second step, excavation

Look for an open space, there can be no walls around 2.5 meters, and start digging. The pit depth is 2.3~2.5 meters, the length is at least 6 meters, the width is not limited, and half a meter is enough.

The third step, put

Now salt the ground, then insert the angle steel vertically into the pit (must be vertical), a total of 3, each spacing 3 meters. The three angles should be in a straight line.

The fourth step, welding

Take out the 6-meter-long flat steel and place it horizontally (crossed) with the ground and weld it to the top of the angled steel. So, we got a inverted "mountain" word ▼