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The Lingke rod is an alias for the brake lever


The Lingke rod is an alias for the brake lever, and the ground wire and the ground rod are a tool ... With that in mind, let's take a look at the names of these tools. Discharge rods are called telescopic high-voltage discharge rods, high-voltage discharge rods, etc .; grounding rods are aliased to ground electrodes, and many times the ground wire is used to include the grounding rods; portion.

In terms of use, ground rods, discharge rods, and rick rods are all types of safety tools. The ground rod is a part of the ground wire and is a conductor buried in the ground for connection with the ground. The discharge rod is suitable for outdoor high-voltage tests. It is used in the test, especially after the DC withstand voltage test, the ground charge is used to discharge the accumulated charge on the test sample to ensure personal safety; the gram stick is used to turn on or off the high-voltage disconnect switch and drop the fuse. , Assembling and disassembling the portable ground wire, as well as measuring and testing.
A good grounding system should have the following two main conditions: 1. The grounding resistance should be as low as possible. The lower the grounding resistance, the more safely the lightning current, surge and fault current can dissipate to the ground. 2. The grounding conductor should have good corrosion resistance and be able to repeatedly pass large fault currents. The life of the system should not be less than the life of the main equipment on the ground. Generally requires at least 30 years of life. A long-term, reliable and stable grounding system is the fundamental guarantee for maintaining stable operation of the equipment and ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel. The key to long-term safe and reliable operation of the grounding system lies in the correct selection of suitable grounding materials and reliable connections.