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The main function of the grounding equipment


The main function of the grounding equipment is to provide grounding and grounding for the power supply lines and electrical equipment of the home or building. The leakage current, static charge and lightning current generated on the electrical equipment can be introduced into the ground to avoid personal electric shock and fire, explosion and other accidents.

Protective grounding is an essential grounding measure in the home. grounding rod The most common home grounding equipment is the grounding wire and the grounding rod. The grounding wire is the metal wire that is mainly used to transmit leakage current and static charge. The grounding rod, also known as the grounding or grounding grid, is mainly used to introduce electric leakage current, static charge or lightning current from the grounding line into the ground.

When the house and the building need to be grounded, the power ground wires in the house are usually connected together, and then inserted into the ground to a certain depth with a conductive rod. This depth should be determined by the amount of current in the house and the ground wire is connected to the ground rod.

Most household appliances used by people every day need to be grounded. In the household appliances, if the grounding protection is not used, when the insulation of a certain part is damaged or the phase line touches the metal casing, the metal casing of the household appliance lightning protection will be charged. At this time, if the human body touches the metal casing of the electrical appliance, there is a danger of electric shock. The ground must be grounded and the electrical outlet must be grounded.

In addition, there is a grounding called protection zero, which refers to the protection measures for connecting the electrical equipment casing or frame to the neutral line of the direct grounding point. Among them, the direct grounding point is also called the neutral point. Taking the three-phase power protection as an example, the metal casing of the electrical equipment and the metal frame connected to the outer casing are connected with the neutral grounding power system to protect personal safety.