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The specific content of lightning protection and maintenance


The specific content of lightning protection and maintenance of lightning protection air switch.

You first look at the air switch. Under what conditions can it protect the trip: overcurrent, undervoltage, short circuit, phase loss, etc. The models and performances of air switches used for different purposes or in different locations are different, so specific problems should be analyzed.

If a lightning strike causes an overcurrent or short-circuit current in the grounding of the line, if the current exceeds the operating current of the switch, it will trip.

The protection design of the general power surge protector is not a varistor problem but a more complete SPD. The protection element in the SPD has a zinc oxide varistor or a gas discharge tube, etc., and the method of installing a single varistor is not good, and the structure is inconvenient, and there is also a problem of selecting a varistor parameter. The choice of SPD also has the option of parameter selection.

The PDU air switch will automatically open when there is more than 1ms, more than 6 times the rated current of the air switch.