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What are the characteristics and technical advantages of copper clad steel ground rods


Copper-clad steel grounding rod is also known as copper-clad steel grounding pole. It is currently widely used in the field of lightning protection grounding and is loved by customers. What are the advantages of copper-clad steel grounding rods with many advantages in one? Next we come Explore together.


Features and technical advantages:

1. Unique manufacturing process: the copper-clad steel grounding electrode adopts cold rolling and hot drawing production technology to achieve metallurgical fusion between copper and steel. In order to ensure the perfect combination of the copper layer and the steel layer, it can be drawn arbitrarily like a single metal without disjointness, warping and cracking.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance: the copper-clad steel ground electrode composite interface is welded at high temperature, the surface copper layer is ≥0.254mm, there is no residue, and there will be no corrosion on the joint surface; the surface copper layer is thicker (the average thickness is greater than 0.4mm) It is highly corrosive and has a long service life (greater than 40 years), which reduces the intensity of maintenance work.

Galvanize/Zinc clad steel ground rod

3. Low construction cost: Compared with the traditional construction method using pure copper grounding rods and grounding straps, copper-clad steel grounding electrodes have greatly reduced costs. (Moreover, it has the strength that the pure copper ground rod cannot reach it)

4. Wide range of use: copper-clad steel grounding electrodes are suitable for grounding construction under varying conditions of soil moisture, temperature, PH value and resistivity.

5. The connection is safe and reliable: the copper-clad steel grounding electrode uses a special connection tube or hot melt welding, and the joint is firm and stable.

6. Convenient and fast construction: copper-clad steel grounding electrode accessories are complete and installation is convenient, which can effectively increase the construction speed.

7. Improve the grounding depth: the copper-clad steel grounding pole has a special connection transmission method, which can be deeper than 35 meters underground to meet the requirements of low resistance in special occasions.

8. Better electrical performance: The excellent conductivity of copper-clad steel ground electrode surface copper material makes its own resistance value much lower than conventional materials.