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What are the types of lightning rods for lightning protection grounding projects


What are the types of lightning rods for lightning protection grounding projects

Types of lightning rods: direct lightning rods/special lightning rods/pre-discharge lightning rods

1. Direct lightning

Suitable for petrochemical warehouses, radio and television, gas stations, construction buildings, beacon stations, communication base stations, weather stations, military bases, radar rooms, and bank buildings.


2. Special

It is suitable for important places such as microwave communication station, radar base station, beacon station, communication base station, military base, radar engine room, bank building, astronomical weather station, etc.

3. Pre-discharge

When the lightning rod is struck by lightning, it will be flashed by the lightning body. Through the lightning waveform processing device, a 3mm gap between the shell and the center ground rod is used to form a coupling capacitor. At the same time, the shell is grounded through an inductance coil (center ground rod) when going down When the pilot is close to the air-termination device, due to the extremely high frequency, the inductance is in an open-circuit state, and the capacitor exhibits short-circuit characteristics to high frequencies.

Therefore, under the action of the coupling capacitor, the electric field intensity on the surface of the air-termination device increases rapidly until the avalanche process is triggered, so that the lightning current can be discharged into the ground in an instant, so as to effectively achieve the purpose of lightning protection and safety.