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What is the role of grounding


What is the role of grounding

Grounding makes all unit circuits in the entire circuit system have a common reference zero potential; that is, there is no potential difference between the grounds of each circuit; to ensure that the circuit system can work stably.

Prevent external electromagnetic field interference; chassis grounding products provides a channel for transient interference; it can also discharge a large amount of charges accumulated on the chassis due to electrostatic induction through the ground; otherwise, the high voltage formed by these charges may cause internal equipment Spark discharge; and cause interference; in addition; for the shielding body of the circuit; if you choose a suitable ground, you can also get a good shielding effect.

Ensure safe work; when electromagnetic induction by direct lightning occurs; damage to electronic equipment can be avoided; when the input voltage of the power frequency AC power supply is directly connected to the case due to poor insulation or other reasons; it can prevent the operator from electric shock; in addition; many Medical equipment is directly connected to the patient's human body; when the casing has a voltage of 110V or 220V, a fatal danger will occur.

Therefore; grounding is the main method to suppress noise and prevent interference; grounding can be understood as an equipotential point or equipotential surface; it is the reference potential of a circuit or system; but not necessarily the ground potential; in order to prevent damage and protection that may be caused by lightning The personal safety of the staff; the housing of the electronic equipment and the metal components of the machine room, etc.; must be connected to the earth; and the grounding resistance is generally very small; it cannot exceed the specified value.