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Whether or not to install a lightning rod depends on the situation


Whether or not to install a lightning rod depends on the situation. First understand what is happening around the place where the house is built. It can be installed if it is not expensive. It is not necessary because it is also a lightning rod.

Rural side dishes are also lived in rural areas. Houses in rural villages are generally concentrated. When thunder strikes, the places that are more likely to be hit by lightning are open fields, many trees, towering buildings such as power poles and tall buildings. There are rivers and lakes with water in the village; there is no house in the village that sees the installation of lightning rods. The people who see the installation of lightning rods are generally schools, health centers, and power transformers.

There was a thunderstorm and a thunderstorm in my grandmother's village before, and the lightning struck a big tree near the canal, and the branches on one side were broken. The residential houses nearby were not hit by the lightning, but the pighouse was The broken tree branch was somewhat crushed.

Therefore, if the place where you build your house is not in an open crop field, and the house you build is the same as everyone, two or three floors, not the highest, you can consider not installing a lightning rod.

And if you build a house that is taller than the other houses in the village, but there are more trees around your house, and the trees, wire towers, etc. are taller than your house, you can consider not installing a lightning rod, because it is the easiest to strike when lightning strikes. It's a tree.