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Why does the copper-clad steel ground rod turn black?


The copper-clad steel ground rod will be found to be black after using it for a period of time. It should be said that all copper-clad steel products will have this situation. Because products such as copper-clad steel ground rods or copper strands are exposed to the air for a long time, they will chemically react with the oxygen molecules in the air, that is, oxidation. When the weather is rainy or the air is humid, the oxidation reaction will be accelerated, so that the surface becomes black Already. It is normal for this to happen, because it is corrosion resistant because of its oxidation.

Or there is also a case where when purchasing a large number of products such as copper-clad steel ground rods or copper-clad steel stranded wires, the color of the same batch of products will be encountered with a certain color difference, because this is not a batch of electroplated products Therefore, it is normal to have a small chromatic aberration.