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Copper Lightning Protection Rod

    Air Terminal Rod is a combination of Multiple Point, Air Termination and Air Rod Base which is usually made of brass or copper. The product is used for protecting the buildings to avoid lightning strike when raining and lightning, playing an important role in the air terminal network.Category: Lighting Protection Products Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Middle Rod Length(mm)

Middle Rod diameter(mm)

Thread size



Model No.               ZZXC-BL
Brand                   ZHONGZHI
Category                Lighting Protection  
Material                Brass or Pure Copper 
Life                   >=50 Years
Needle  angle        65 degree        
Average discharge current  <7KA
Current gradient       < 5KA
Grounding resistance   < 10 ohm
Resistible wind speed  > 50m/s


Main Rod Length  Main Rod diameter  Thread  Material 
500mm 15mm M16 Brass,copper 
Needle sector  Needle diamter  Thread  Material  
50-95mm2 wire 15mm M16 Brass     
Air rod base Thread  Material     
M16 Copper or Brass     




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