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Earth wire Manufacturers

Shengzhou Zhongzhi New Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional China Earth wire Manufacturers and Earth wire Suppliers,which is devoted to the integration of production, research and foreign trade. The main products are as listing:all kinds of grounding rods – such as Copper clad steel grounding rods,Earth wire and others,We have our own testing lab and the most advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products.our Earth wire are exported in quantity to Europe, Australia, North America and southeast Asia and other countries, which is widely well received by customers.
  • Copper clad Steel Stranded wire

    Copper clad steel stranded wire is a new grounding material which is twisted from several copper clad steel single wires. Compared with single wire, it has the advantage of low density, high strength ...

  • Copper clad steel ground wire

    Copper clad steel ground wire adopts the process of electroplating and casting to cover the surface of steel with 99.9% pure copper. The conductive performance is as the same as the equivalent diamete...

  • Copper clad Steel Flat Bar

    Copper clad steel flat bar is cast through an electrolytic process, to 99.9% copper molecules evenly covering the steel core. It is very uniform copper layer and the thickness of 0.254mm or more. Prod...