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Copper clad Steel Flat Bar

    Copper clad steel flat bar is cast through an electrolytic process, to 99.9% copper molecules evenly covering the steel core. It is very uniform copper layer and the thickness of 0.254mm or more. Products have conductive properties of copper and the tensile strength of steel. Since the copper layer and the steel material is a binding molecule, the copper layer is not easily peeled off, and will not crack when bent in operation.

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Sectional area(mm²)


Copper thickness(mm)


Model No.               ZZXC-BG
Brand                  ZHONGZHI
Category                Earth wire         
Material               Copper Clad Steel  
Copper layer thickness  0.1~0.25mm
Service life         >=50years
Function             Used in grounding and lightning system 
Plasticity of copper layer  No crack under U bent  
Available service mode      OEM;ODM


sectional area  Length(mm)  Copper thickness(mm)
4mm*40mm 1000-6000 0.1-0.25
5mm*50mm 1000-6000 0.1-0.25
6mm*60mm 1000-6000 0.1-0.25





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