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Exothermic Welding powder

    Zhongzhi exothermic welding materials is to melt the metal conductor through the high temperature produced by the oxidized metals in the reductive flux during the exothermic reducing reaction. This series of products include exothermic welding moulds, mould Handle clamp, exothermic welding flux and supporting operation Tool kit.
    Exothermic Welding Flux is used reducible metal compounds and reducing substances in certain proportion and made through a special process.

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Model No.               ZZXC-EW
Brand                   ZHONGZHI
Category                Exothermic Welding Products 
Material                Cu,Al,Fe
Life                    50~100times             
Characters               Easy to use and safe        


Main content and ratio of welding powder

Element  Ratio Wt/% 
Cu ≥76.0
Al ≤2.0
Fe ≤10.0


Properties of joint

Properties  Technology index 
Conductivity  Resistance of conductor (Including joint) should be less than that of same length base metal
Strength      Joint strength should not less than 95% of low limit of raw material’s strength (CCS material is regarded as 
pure copper )
High melting point  ≥1 083 ℃
Surface            No air hole ,residue and crack
Section quality    The max size anywhere should be higher than 1/3 of the thickness(or 1/4 of diameter) ,but should be less 
than 3mm


Resistance of joint

Resistance /μΩ  Test location 
113 Distance between tested location :15 cm


Strength of joint

Strength Rm/Mpa      Remark
340 No crack and base metal off




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