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Welding Fixed Mold Clamp

    Zhongzhi exothermic welding materials is to melt the metal conductor through the high temperature produced by the oxidized metals in the reductive flux during the exothermic reducing reaction. This series of products include exothermic welding moulds, mould Handle clamp, exothermic welding flux and supporting operation Tool kit.

    During welding process, the fixed mold clamp is able to maintain the mold’s cavity relatively sealed to ensure the weld point rapid prototyping. Mold clamp can be in common use. Special mold clamp needs to be customized according to special requirements

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Model No.               ZZXC-WF
Brand                   ZHONGZHI
Category                Exothermic Welding Products 
Material                Graphite, Ensure the high temperature resistance 
Other accessories in the system Graphite Mold, Flint Gun, Heat Resistant Glove, Fastening Clamp, Metal Disc, Powder, Steel Brush, 
Banister Brush, etc.
Characters              Cost-effective、no extra power required、portable 
Service Life            Around 50 Times 
Operation               Easy and no special skill required 




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