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Drilling Head

    Drilling head is made of the high strength steel # 45 and produced by special hardening treatment process. It uses the thread (or riveted) fixed to the ground rods, which is conducive to the grounding rod into the hard soil layer, and this protects the ground rod.

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Thread diameter(mm)


Model No.               ZZXC-DH
Brand                   ZHONGZHI
Category                Ground Rod Accessories
Material                High Strength steel # 45
Function                Protecting the ground rod 
Type                     Threaded     
Tensile Strength         >= 580 N/mm2
Service Life             >=50 years
Common Sizes             1/2"; 5/8"; M16; 3/4"; M18; 1"


Thread diameter(in)  Supporting ground rod diameter(in)
1/2'' 1/2''
M16 M16
5/8'' 5/8''
M18 M18
3/4'' 3/4''
1'' 1''




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