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Equipotential Terminal Copper Busbar

    The equipotential terminal Copper busbar adopts high quality T2 pure copper as the main material. After tin/nickel plating, the contact surface would not generate oxidation, which ensures corrosion resistance and reliable electrical conductivity. In accordance with the IEC standards, the surface uses punch to make the hole accurate and consistent. The insulator is made of polyester resin with good heat preservation and the bracket is made hot dip galvanized steel. The assembly above can suitable for all kinds of earth terminal, and provide a centralized location for multiple feeders.

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Model No.              ZZXC-ET
Brand                   ZHONGZHI
Category                Grounding auxiliary products 
Material          Pure copper or copper clad steel        
Length                300mm-6000mm
Width                 20mm-600mm
Thickness            2mm-20mm
Surface            Tinned or galvanized surface is available 
Service life       >=50 years




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